Commercial & Industrial Water Assurance Program

How We Make Water Treatment Invisible
The key to making water treatment invisible for our customers is focus. Our entire process revolves around our focus on providing systems that meet your water treatment needs consistently, reliably, and invisibly thanks to our proactive, routine maintenance.

What Makes WaterSmart the Right Choice?
• Worry Free – Predictable, fixed monthly water expenses for a pre-determined period.
• No Capital Investment – Mar Cor Purification includes the cost of the system components, maintenance, and labor.*
• Maximized System Uptime – Routine scheduled maintenance ensures a consistent quality and quantity of water while minimizing downtime.
• Saves Time vs. Purchasing – Eliminates ramp up time associated with learning system technology and required preventative maintenance.
• Easy & Dependable – We work with our team of experts to configure, install and maintain your system on site, while you concentrate on your business.

*See WaterSmart program operating agreement for full terms and conditions.

Download the WaterSmart Water Assurance Program Brochure for more information