Over the years, Mar Cor Purification has installed hundreds of lab grade water systems including centrally distributed systems, as well as, point of use polishing equipment.We understand the importance of providing reliable, cost effective solutions that provide high purity water for glassware washers, autoclaves, cage washers, and point of use polishing units.

Standard Water Treament Systems
2200L High Purity Water System – Compact & Customizable Lab Water
4400L High Purity Water System – Compact Design w/ Integrated Distribution
RephiLe Lab Water Systems – Lab Water Systems and Cosumbales
Custom Water Treatment Options

Due to the nature of water purification, standard products cannot always completely meet the needs of a specific application. Taking this into account one of our main focuses has become custom designed and manufactured systems. Custom pretreatment, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization and storage systems are only a small sample of our capabilities.

Our line of equipment have been customized and utilized in the field for over 35 years, supplying high purity water for many uniquely different water applications.

Our engineering services and application specialists have the experience and expertise to design a complete water purification system specifically customized for your facility’s requirements. .

Personal attention is required to obtain more specific information on the capabilities of our custom systems