RD Series Systems are recirculating complete deionization systems provide 3 to 4 GPM Generation & Delivery of deionized water

Mar Cor Purification’s DI-SYS Water System Rental and Service approach RD Series Systems are recirculating deionization systems complete with pre‐filter, re‐pressurization pump, connections for service exhange deionization tanks (not included), bacteria destruct ultraviolet light and final filter. The product line offering includes a small, wall mountable unit capable of supplying up to 3 gallons per minute to a small distribution loop (1/2” PE Tubing, max. 100 lft.) and a larger skid mounted system capable of supplying up to 4 gallons per minute to a larger distribution loop (1/2”
PVC, max 500 lft)*.

Each system is equipped with an “on‐board” final valve capable of feeding a Client’s point‐of‐use or, through removal of a spool piece, may be configured to feed a Client supplied distribution loop. Either system can be installed in one of two arrangements as shown in the PFD diagram below.

The RDW (wall mount model) is shipped with 10” cartridge filter bowlsthat can be easily retrofit in the field with 20” bowls where needed. This change does not require any alteration to the system’s electrical or mechanical components. The RDS (skid mount model) is shipped with 20” cartridge filter bowls and, additionally, includes an “on‐board” quality monitor.

Standard Features
  • Quick delivery, installation, and startup
  • Small equipment footprint (additional space required for exchange bottles)
  • Two installation arrangements
  • Continuous recirculation through all post‐treatment components
  • 0.2 micron final filter
  • Bacteria destruct UV sterilization
  • Wall model provides up to 3gpm *
  • Wall model has optional water quality monitor
  • Skid model provides up to 4gpm *
  • Skid model includes on‐board water quality monitor

* NOTE: Flow rates are dependent upon piping size and length of distribution loop.

Process Flow Diagram

Download the RD Series System Datasheet for more information