WaterSmart Program

Mar Cor Purification designed the WaterSmart program to streamline the commercial/industrial water procurement processand give the end user the high purity water they need at a low monthly price without the worry of a large capital investment and reoccurring maintenance cost.
The WaterSmart program provides all equipment, spare parts, consumables, and service required to keep the system producing water for your operation for a fixed period with simple monthly payments.*

Typical Applications

• General Industry
• Chemical Formulations
• Power and Utilities
• Boiler Feed
• Pure Rinse Water
• Laboratory
• Microelectronics
• Research and Development
• Metal Plating
• Textiles
• Laboratories
• Sterile Processing

Mar Cor Purification High Purity Water Systems

Mar Cor Purification is a leading provider of complete water treatment systems and services for the Life Science market.  For more than 35 years and more than 1000 installations, Mar Cor has been providing high-purity water solutions to companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical device, food & beverage and dialysis markets.

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